Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some Pictures Of USM KLE For Future USM-KLEians

 dalam Lecture Hall. During class.

 View from hostel.

 Badminton Court. Samudra Event

 Visit by KMB's dedicated teachers.

 USM -KLE Entrance

 Came back to USM KLE for good. 

 My beloved batch-mates.

 First-time-flight from Malaysia to India. That feeling~ Sobs.

 Arriving at destination. Goa Airport. See~ This is so India. hihi

 Orientation Week. Welcome To Anatomy Museum
 Taken in front of USM Hostel.

 Most important vehicle. AUTO.

 Shopping for the first time at Maruthi Galli during MONSOON season. wuhuu

 A rack of skulls and bones.

 Exam Hall. Your secret chamber.

 Practical during Clinical Block. 

Relaxing time at Wild Sugar. You'll love it!

 Zapin Boys.

 Aidil Adha Celebration.

 Their playground. Grateful enough, arent we?

 Picnic at windmill.

Diabetes Day.

There are more exciting, thrilling, fun and joyful moments waiting for you hereeee :D :D :D